Tuesday, 24 August 2010

errr... mini editors & boyfriend jeans

hi there :D first, please check out this new AUTUMN MINI EDITOR!! woow.

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okay so here we goo :DD
i've just woken up to this wonderous world & the weather outside is... kinda sunny but cold ?:/
i'm baking today. i'm not sure what though :/
today, my featured set is going to be a preppy one by my good friend, SARAH! username: sarah...♥


Untitled by sarah..♥ featuring tops

i think this is very good set. i like the use of the patterned paper as the background to help fill in spaces, that might show after finishing. check out the collection below for more patterned paper!♥ i also like the summery colours & the arrangement ♥

today i'm also going to tell you a bit more about me.
i'm 13 years old & i love to.....bake/read/polyvore/computer/watchtv/draw/act♥ i've got brown hair dyed a reddish brown & i have blue eyes. i get ideas for my hairstyling & makeup off youtube, mainly these too people - i'll feature them:


that is her doing some quick school makeup. i use this everyday to to my school make up, and the best thing about it is she tells you what she's using, when.

i use bubzbeauty to show me some funky hair tutorials

i really like this one. the only thing is that with some tutorials, you have to have longer hair, so it turns out slightly different. :/

i hope that has given you a bit of an insight into me & my life, & i'll post more later ♥


Monday, 23 August 2010

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aah (: new mini-editor, so i'm starting this blog off with a BANG.
create a set in the above mini-editor by just dragging your favourite items around :D
then, i'll choose the best & i'll feature it on the blog itself. PLEASE do show them to me, i'd love to see. i'm not actually sure how you'd do this though :/
today i've been to the cinemas to see 'marmaduke'. it was pretty good for a kids film, & a bit sad :'( but happy in the end. i guess all kids' films have to be like that or we'd have a bunch of seriously distressed kids. ♥
today i wore something simple & casual. it was a pair of blue denim VERY skinny jeans, with red converse-a-likes & a stripy pink&white 'pineapple' top. i wore a hollister dark blue hoodie as it was RAINING. aaah, nightmare.
i've been watching xrubyredlips <-- (i think thats it) videos' on youtube& i LOVE them. also check out bubzbeauty! they both have FAB style & the vids are easy to follow :D♥
i'll be on polyvore for about another half hour to an hour, so MESSAGE MEE!